Red Rock Rendezvous 2016 – Part I: Saturday

Have you heard of Red Rock Rendezvous? If not, check it out here! It’s a large rock climbing festival held at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, NV. I attended this past weekend with the boyfriend, the sister, and 20 of our climbing friends. And it was awesome. It was also super exhausting. I only averaged 4 hours of sleep per night over the last 3 nights, so I’m running on adrenaline and caffeine as I type this.

The Rendezvous kicked off on Friday but I most of us couldn’t go since we have to work. We drove from Orange County Friday night and got to Vegas around 2am on Saturday. Our hotel was a 30 minute drive from Red Rock which sucked, but at least it was cheap and offered free breakfast. We headed out at 10am on Saturday morning, which is pretty late to start the day. If you’ve never been to Red Rock Canyon, the hikes to the climbs are not strolls in the park. By the time we found our climbing spot, I was slightly winded and had probably burned 400 calories. To be honest, I thought that there would be WAY more people on the crags than there was. I was surprised that our large group was able to find space at Civilization Crag to set up camp for the day.


Alvin and I had to separate from the group around noon because we had signed up for afternoon climbing clinics. My clinic, Advanced Sport Climbing, was led by pro-climber Ethan Pringle. I had no idea who he was and had to google him at the end of the day when I had signal again.

Ethan Pringle

I was pretty proud of myself when I was able to finish an 11b climb through the encouragement of the others in the clinic. It was on top rope, but it still counts!

My friend group had broken up by the time my clinic finished at 5pm, but we got extremely lucky when we all somehow ended up in the same place at the same time. We didn’t exactly have room for everyone with the number of cars we had, so we had to pack some away as stowaways…


We didn’t stay too long for the actual Rendezvous since there wasn’t much to do. The free dinner was delicious and plenty! Apparently they ran out of food this year, but I’m not surprised as I saw families packing up plates for later.


We left the festival grounds (Spring Mountain Campsite area) once it got dark and started getting chilly. I heard that there were lots of free giveaways and contests from the vendor booths but we didn’t participate in any. We also missed the dyno competition and dance party, but I’m okay with that.

Since most of our friends did not participate in the Rendezvous, they wanted to go out to eat as a group. By the time we got back to the hotel that night and showered, it was already almost midnight. Everyone was pooped from climbing, hiking, and being in the sun all day but of course the guys still wanted to go out. We ended up walking the strip a little, drinking, and getting pizza. I didn’t sleep until almost 5am.

Click here for Part II!



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