Your Ultimate Guide to Havasupai

Havasu Falls: the ultimate oasis. Where else can you find a plethora of waterfalls and vegetation in the middle of the freakin’ desert? Visitors come from all corners of the earth to see these majestic waterfalls situated in the small section of the Grand Canyon that is the Havasupai Indian Reservation. And with good reason. The water is so clean that you can see straight … Continue reading Your Ultimate Guide to Havasupai

Packing for Havasupai

There are tons of resources on the internet telling you to bring all sorts of crap on this hike. I happen to disagree. You want to keep it light, but comprehensive, so here are my must-haves: Basics Backpack I recommend 65 liters+, especially if you’re carrying everything yourself Osprey is one of the most comfortable brands, but I suggest going to REI and having an … Continue reading Packing for Havasupai

Havasupai Permit Process

You’ve probably heard that getting permits to hike Havasupai, Arizona is really, really hard. And it is, but it’s not impossible. My group happened to get permits the first year we tried, but I also think we got lucky. Prior to 2017, the only way to obtain a permit to hike/camp at the legendary waterfall was to call the Havasupai Tourist Office non-stop during opening … Continue reading Havasupai Permit Process

Tips for Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

This hike is not for the faint of heart or the average out of shape person. You have to consider yourself at least somewhat athletic to even attempt this hike, so if you’re considering it, start training now. Here’s what you’ll need to keep in mind: If you’re planning on climbing the cables when they’re up, you need to obtain a permit by entering the lottery … Continue reading Tips for Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Half Dome Hike (Cables Down), Yosemite National Park

I recently went camping in Yosemite National Park with a couple of friends. Originally, we were supposed to go climb, but then the weather gods decided to rain us out so our plans went out the window. For most of our group, this trip was their first time to Yosemite and they wanted to see everything. One of the days ended up being beautiful and sunny, so what … Continue reading Half Dome Hike (Cables Down), Yosemite National Park